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Paintless Dent Repair Recommendation

Posted by victory747 on June 16, 2011 at 5:59 PM


Just a quick heads-up for any of you within striking distance of Tacoma:


I have used a place called "Metal Magic" several times over the last few years for removal of dings, etc. The other day I came out of a Forza Coffee shop and watched as the guy who parked next to me rammed his door into the side of my Magnum, and then he simply drove away. Even though he dented the door and it went through to the primer, Lou Wells, the owner of Metal Magic, was able to remove that dent, as well as another, smaller one next to it. The small amount of touch-up paint to cover the primer is slightly visible, but there is absolutely no trace of either dent. A couple of years ago a tree dented the Magnum's tailgate right on the creased edge that runs horizontally, and even though there was a reinforcement bracket directly behind the dent, Lou somehow managed to get it back to normal. That repair was so good it is impossible to locate where the dent was. He charges about $125 for most dent removals, and it is well worth it.


Their address is 5618 South Tacoma Way, 98409 and their number is 253-472-2535.


They do great work, and best of all they are a family-owned business and really nice folks.





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